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Welcome to the Egostrip project.  Beginning in 2014 I created a series of illustrations on my train journey from Brighton to London.  Using a little black book and an ink pen I drew my favourite Hip Hop artists taking a journey into my stream of consciousness.


Since it's humble beginnings, Egostrip has been celebrated worldwide and is now continuing its journey to become a beautifully bound hardback book for 2020!  Book 1 features the first two years of over 100 handcrafted illustrations in chronological order.  These are accompanied by personal anecdotes and an insight into my creative process.

Egostrip begins with a foreword by the master wordsmith J-Live and contains the seal of approval from Hip Hop legend Raekwon the Chef.  Following years of support from Pharoahe Monch, DJ Prince Paul, Biz Markie, De La Soul and many more, this book is a must have for all Art, Hip Hop and music lovers: For folks that have a passion for the craft and the culture in all its forms of creativity. 

Thanks to all your support I will launch this as a Kickstarter campaign on the 3rd of September with the goal of producing a very collectable book.  The campaign will also create added benefits of fantastic rewards along with stretch goals and accountability.


Please register your genuine interest in receiving updates and sign up to the mailing list.  You will receive important news on the campaign and exclusive Early Bird offers when the project launches.  

Thank you! 

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